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Radio 1001 is an archive of DinahBird & Jean-Philippe Renoult's various sonic activities from 2006 - 2013.. or thereabouts. we have made a new site which is much more user friendly so please join us there... www.bird-renoult.net

Things we can tell you about in the meantime ..

Lastest news

Bird and Renoult new website

At long long long last we have made a new website, with a little help from our friends...

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A Box of 78s and the Great Radio Relay

At long long LONG last my radio record is ready .. out .. and has now embarked on a lonely, year long voyage all around the World..

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2'35 de Bonheur

A radio installation and record publication for the exhibition ' Reformer le Monde Visibile' at the 116 contemporary art gallery in Montreuil.

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Tag Audio Loops is shortlisted for Marl Sound Art Prize 2014

I place a ghetto blaster in an urban space. It plays prepared loops of music, mutations from different pop cultures.I take a picture and record what happens when these loops are played in the landscape and, in the process, modify the soundscape. (Jean-Philippe Renoult)

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Pont Sonore Beljiu digital edition

Pont Sonore Beljiu digital edition

This online edition brings together sound works by fifteen international artists who took part in the Belju Soundbridge project, on the Franco-Swiss border in 2009.

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